Projects In Flanders

MSOC Flemish Brabant
The Veerhuis Siddartha VZW is a group of low-threshold drug treatment centers in Flemish Brabant with antennas in Leuven, Tienen, Diest and Vilvoorde. The Veerhuis is recognized by the RIZIV/INAMI as a medical-social reception center (MSOC).

Zorgcentrum Siddartha VZW
The Care Center is a facility for adults with a mental handicap, with various accreditations from the VAPH (Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities). It includes a Home for Non-Workers (TNW), an Inclusive Support Service (DIO) and a Day Center (DC).

Meeting center
The meeting center, a residential center with a hall, offers accommodation for thirty people. Groups of at least fifteen people who want to withdraw for a few days or a weekend for training, family gatherings, all kinds of celebrations, family groups, schools, teams … can go there (in full board).

Clothes shop
The Clothes Shop collects and sells second-hand clothes. The proceeds are for the projects of the Siddartha.

Wine Guild
The Wine Guild makes fruit wines and uses the wine attic every Sunday. The proceeds go to the financial support of the various Siddartha projects.

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