About Us

Siddartha is a place of hope and encouragement, of commitment and challenge. We want to answer the needs of our time through small-scale projects.

Siddartha stands for a powerful and positive outlook on life, embedded in the Christian spirit with respect for other approaches. We want to choose in an original way for small and weak people, and offer them the best of ourselves.

We also wanted to see these values ​​reflected in our logo:

  • The seagull continues to use the symbol of possibilities and push boundaries: the foundation and start of Siddartha.
  • The two elements central to the logo are in perspective: 2 worlds, separated from each other. Think, for example, of Ethiopia compared to Belgium, but also of the man-woman relationship, etc. It is about determining your own place: one is not better or bigger than the other, but both start from the same individuality.
  • Many people get stuck in the daily circle of habits and fixed frameworks and call it the safe life. Siddartha has been promoting for more than 40 years that you must constantly push your limits, that you can and must break the safe circle: the seagull does that, the letters of Siddartha do that, and one of the elements does that too.

The Koepel Siddartha vzw consists of eight people who want to take care of the various initiatives of Siddartha. They watch over the “Credo of Siddartha”, a text that expresses the values, emphases and spirit of our movement. It is our will for the future.

The Koepel Siddartha vzw also manages the finances as an umbrella body. They gradually take on more responsibility so that the initiator of the various non-profit organizations, Br. Gust Lauwerysen, can let go of the various domestic projects more and more and can use his experience in the projects in Ethiopia.

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