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Zorgcentrum Siddartha VZW, formerly known as the “Leef community”, is a facility for adults with a mental disability, with various accreditations from the VAPH (Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities). It includes a Home for Non-Workers , an Inclusive Support Service and a Day Center.

Within our home for non-workers, “de Leef” (8 residents), we want to guide our guests in the development of their lives in the field of living, daytime activities, relationships, leisure activities, … in other words in all areas of life and tailored to their own possibilities and wishes. In the coaching we start from values ​​such as the right to privacy, space for the individual and respect for the group. The basis for all this is working on a solid relationship of trust in a warm atmosphere.

In the inclusive support service, 4 people stay in the De Meeuw building. The starting point there is to provide ambulant support to residents in an inclusive and more independent manner. This service is part of the experiment that is currently running in Flanders and was started in September 2010.

In our day center (8 FTE places, 10 users) the emphasis is on working In various workshops where our guests participate in meaningful activities that also contribute to the quality of life of our facility. We have four workshops: An outside team that is active in the conservatory, vegetables and ornamental gardens, The kitchen team that is responsible for the preparation of all meals, the Bakery-jam workshop where various jams, syrups, lawyer, etc. are made. These studios are close to their daily lives. What was sown in the garden yesterday, is harvested later and processed in the kitchen or in jam. Our older guests are active in the plus operation, where in addition to participating in the various other workshops, their own operation tailored to seniors is also being developed. We have various events for the sale of all our products (The Siddarthafeesten and the Wintermarkt) and recently we are on the Tremelo market every 14 days with a professional market stall.

Our bread, our jams, our lawyer, the marzipan, etc. are very popular with many sympathizers and therefore many sold products. Despite this focus on work, we do not lose sight of the whole person in the guidance: his family, his emotions, his hobbies, etc. are also included in the approach.

In addition to the professional guidance, the operation also relies to a large extent on the resident brothers who are the constant for our guests and on 10 volunteers who are active daily in the reception of our guests and thus offer them a wider network. Without this commitment, The Live, The Live would not be.

We actively collaborate with various other facilities in the region and in Flanders: Supervised Working (Magda project), The Semi-industrial Workshop in Herent, The ROG and its various working groups, PPG, The project “Samenwerkingverband Zorg Oost Brabant”, The municipal Tremelo advisory board…. With this we want to work towards more and better care in our facility and in the region.

The operation of Community Siddartha is only financially possible thanks to the support of VAPH, the Dome Siddartha, Cera Foundation (for the market project), United Fund (for the van) and the many people who support us with donations. and through purchases of our products.

Contact details:
Zorgcentrum Siddartha VZW
Bonten Osstraat 29
3128 Baal


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